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BIMx (=Building Information Model Explorer) is an interactive "game-like" environment to explore 3D building models published by architects & designers. The great thing about BIMx is that building models can be viewed by anyone in full 3D without the professional authoring software in which the building model was originally created. As a result BIMx is the perfect communication tool between the Client and the Architect.
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The BIMx community on Facebook is the central place for sharing BIMx models with the world. Whether you are a Client or an Architect you will find this place a great source of architectural projects extended with native Facebook functions such as comments, likes and sharing BIMx projects with your network on Facebook. If you are a Client, please read on, if you are an Architect, please jump to the next section.

How to use BIMx for Clients

If you are a Client looking for architectural examples you are not required to register or log on to this page. Next to the standard Facebook functions you have the following additional functionality available right away:

  • Browse the uploaded BIMx models in a chronological order
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  • Filter uploaded models by educational or professional types
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  • Search uploaded models using a combination of key-words
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  • Find uploaded models of specific users, architects or clients
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  • Download the selected BIMx model to view on any device*
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  • Share the models of you choice via email with your friends
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* You can currently view BIMx models on Windows and Macintosh computers and on iPad/iPhone devices. The first time you would like to explore BIMx models on your device you are also required to download a BIMx viewer that you can find on each model detailspage.

How to use BIMx for Architects

GRAPHISOFT BIMx is standard part of the ArchiCAD 15 installation. Until October 31 2011 all ArchiCAD 15 users (Commercial, Educational and Trial) are entitled to use the full functionality of BIMx including sharing models on this BIMx Community Site.
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Please get ArchiCAD 15 either from your local ArchiCAD reseller or download it from the website.
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After installing ArchiCAD, please create a 3D building model and Export it to BIMx from the 3D window. In BIMx you will be prompted to enter a valid License Key which you can get by a simple registration process. After this intitial setup you will be able to publish (share) you BIMx projects with a single click on this Facebook integrated community site.

BIMx for iPad Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ArchiCAD 15 hotfix change in the BIMx functionality?

The Hotfix #1 contains basically 3 different types of changes:

  1. It contains the standard ArchiCAD 15 bugfixes to address mission critical problems of ArchiCAD 15 found in the last 2 months
  2. It also contains all the changes necessary to enable the new “sharing” functionality of the desktop BIMx application including all the user interface and functional changes necessary in the share/upload workflow
  3. In addition to the functional changes it also “triggers” the free BIMx TRIAL period for all ArchiCAD 15 BIMx licenses. The TRIAL period will end with a timebomb on October 31 in 2011

What are the different options available to create BIMx models for clients?

The different ways of creating BIMx models are available at different levels for the different BIMx license types:

  1. ArchiCAD 15 Commercial BIMx license
    1. Save “self-running” BIMx models in ArchiCAD 15 compatible fileformat without limitation
    2. Publish “static” BIMx models to the BIMx community site that can be viewed with the different viewers (iOS/Mac/Win) according to the terms and conditions of the BIMx community site
  2. ArchiCAD 15 TRIAL BIMx license
    1. 100% same functionality as the full commercial license between September 20 and October 31 in 2011
    2. Save “trial” BIMx models that can only be opened/viewed on the same computer they were created between November 1 in 2011 and June 30 in 2012
  3. ArchiCAD 15 EDU BIMx license
    1. Save “self-running” BIMx models in ArchiCAD 15 compatible fileformat with EDU watermark till the expiration of the EDU license
    2. Publish “static” BIMx models to the BIMx community site that can be viewed with the different viewers (iOS/Mac/Win) with EDU watermark till the expiration of the EDU license but according to the terms and conditions of the BIMx community site

What are the different ways to deliver BIMx models to clients?

  1. “Self-running” BIMx models (Mac/Win)
    1. Sending as email attachment
    2. Uploading to an FTP site
    3. File sharing services (such as Dropbox)
    4. Physical data storage device (USB stick)
  2. Models published to the BIMx community site
    1. Direct site access from the BIMx App for the iPad/iPhone
    2. Download BIMx model and desktop viewer (Mac/Win)

Who can access BIMx models on the Facebook community site?

The BIMx community site though integrated into Facebook the community site is freely accessible to non-Facebook users as well. The BIMx community site will be accessible in any of the following ways:

  1. Through the ArchiCAD fan page on Facebook
  2. Through direct page URLs: and
  3. Through direct links to uploaded BIMx models’ download page
  4. Through built-in links from mobile devices (iPad/iPhone)
  5. Through comments/likes/shares on Facebook users “Walls”

Users can search/browse and download BIMx models from the site without registration or log-in. Social functions such as comments/likes/shares require Facebook login.

Who can upload BIMx models onto the Facebook community site?

At the current moment BIMx models can only be uploaded (published) directly from the BIMx desktop application (no upload through the web browser). The first time BIMx users want to publish their models to the community site they will be required to register. At subsequent uploads the site authentication will run automatically via a personal license key that will be issued upon registration and needs to need to be entered in BIMx only once (for the first).
Logon to the community site is only required to manage one’s uploaded models (edit model details/delete models etc.).

What are the different ways for people to register to the community site?

Registration requires an ArchiCAD/BIMx installation and can be initiated in the following ways:

  1. Register from scratch
  2. Login (register) with Google or Facebook ID
  3. Login with existing username/password

This way we provide very easy access (via existing Google/Facebook accounts) and also provide automatic access for users on This also means however that both BIMx users and Google/Facebook users have “fast-track” registration and access to MyArchiCAD as well.

In what is BIMx for the iPad uniquely different from other 3D Viewers?

Most 3D model viewers for the iPad/iPhone are generic purpose viewers. This means their navigation functionalities are basically limited to 3D orbit, pan and zoom. BIMx has a lot more to offer than that (selective list):

  1. It is a full “natural” building explorer environment - with gravity and egress recognition just to mention examples – that is with all the necessary UI features that make or break great user experience
  2. It has sophisticated visual filters (views) to provide a high quality architectural presentation environment such as stereoscopic view etc.
  3. It is integrated with an ecosystem of the desktop application and the online model sharing community

Is there any “cloud” component involved in the workflow?

The BIMx community portal completely runs on Microsoft’s Azure® cloud platform.